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A Virtual Tour of the Louvre


Hi friends! Want to take a virtual tour of the Louvre with me? I’ll give you fair warning that we’re only visiting the 1st and 2nd floors today because we have lunch plans in the Latin Quarter. But that’s fine.

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My Garden in a Magazine


Anyone who has seen the weeds in my yard in person (or scrolls down to look at the photos) will chuckle to see that my garden has been featured in a British magazine for expats who live in France. And

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The City of Reims


Reims, sometimes spelled Rheims, is the largest city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, and is pronounced similar to ranse (like dance). It was peopled with the Celtic tribes, called the Gauls, before the Roman conquest; and afterwards, the city

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Church At Its Best


On Friday night we drove to our friends’ house for a baptism, and half the church was there to celebrate it. Fredérique is a college chemistry teacher who studied the Bible for four years (only doing so because her husband is

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The Forest of Fairy Trees

faux de verzy03

In the Champagne region of France, you can stroll through a forest of fairy trees, called the Faux de Verzy (pronounced foe de vair-zee). A “fau” is an old gallic (French) word for the beech tree. It’s now called a hêtre in French,

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Frozen Berry Meringue

frozen berry meringue10

This is an easy, gluten-free dessert! It contains only meringue, whipped cream, frozen red berries and a red berry sauce, called “coulis.” You can make it, or buy it on Amazon, and I suspect you can find it in your local supermarket

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The City of Troyes


Troyes is pronounced like the French number three (trois) – twah. It’s in the Champagne region and the only reason we went there was because it was so close to our hotel. It ended up being my favourite place that

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Kindness Wins. Always.

I was planning on writing this post on Thursday, and sharing the first post about our trip into the Champagne region today. But my external hard drive with all the pictures doesn’t work anymore. Sob. So today’s post is about

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