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Things I Love About Christmas in France


You know what I love about Christmas in France? A pre-made cheese selection! I get to try new things without having to do guess-work. Everything necessary is included: blue, goat, sheep, cow, soft and cooked cheese. I love Christmas decorations bought

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The Viscount – Chapter Eighteen

maisons laffittec1

I think I will take the next two weeks to re-read what I’ve written so far and tighten the plot before continuing (which, I will readily admit, needs it). Therefore, this is the last chapter until the new year. Thank

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Lemon-Shrimp Risotto with Mushrooms


You know when you have a day that looks like this … and you just want to have happy smells of cooking, warmth, and goodness inside? (Yes, that’s wind fiercely blowing those few leaves off the tree). Well, this risotto

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Elves and a Pair


My husband’s company holds a Christmas party every year, specifically for the children of the employees. It’s brilliant. And they walk away with all sorts of goodies. The little elves continue the celebration at home. And on to the next

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Memorizing Scripture


Once, when I was going through a very difficult period as a young Christian, I lay awake at night, unable to fall asleep. I was distressed and hopeless (and, in retrospect, in need of anti-depressants). I picked up my Bible,

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Vlog #5 French Conversation Fillers


It’s been awhile, I know, since I’ve done a vlog. The truth is, I like blogging much better than vlogging, and I don’t always have ready ideas. But here is a helpful video if you want to contribute your part to

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The Viscount – Chapter Seventeen

maisons laffitte

THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER SEVENTEEN The music was audible as soon as he entered the iron gates and turned down the lane towards the house – a somewhat crumbling old manor that was set far back from the

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Videos, Links & French Miscellany


I have a few videos and links to share with you today, but let me start with news. Actually no. Let me start with a question. Have any of you stopped receiving my blog posts by e-mail (those who have subscribed

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