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Ten Random Things I’ve Learned

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One It’s worth it to pay 15 euros extra for the semi-permanent nail polish. Two It’s hard to take a flattering shot of your hands when you’re over forty. Three You can, and should, replace the cutlery basket for your dishwasher with a

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Garden Considerations

Some flowers are just so flamboyant, aren't they?

I have two things to tell you. The first is that I did well on my French test in order to become a citizen. I needed 160 out of 490 for both parts of the exam, and I got 455

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Shifting Focus


My husband bought a new lens. Our old lens is broken and we have another one that is not great quality. And, in addition to using the camera all the time for blogging, we have an upcoming event where we

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It’s been coming on pretty steadily, even from the beginning of the school year when the school days were shorter by a forty-five minutes. That’s forty-five less minutes to have quiet in the house in order to get stuff done. My

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How to Sew Pointe Shoes

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There comes a point in every girl’s life … when she gets to live vicariously through her daughter. I think you know my ignominious past with ballet. I started late and was the tall chubby duckling amidst tiny swans. And then

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Ten Disadvantages of Living in France


Oh I was all up in arms yesterday when I was at the height of my stress and had plenty of ammunition for why my life was terribly hard. But that was yesterday. Today, I can manage no more than a

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Beauty Comes from Inner Peace

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I mentioned that it was a busy period for me, and that part of my stress was the Women’s Day our church was holding in Paris (which was yesterday, by the way, appropriately set on the International Day for Women). I was

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Making Madeleines


If you’re thinking about making madeleines, you will certainly need the right mould for it, and I’ve found an online supplier here that you can order from. You’re not likely to find them in your average American supermarket. Of course, I

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