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Why do you read A Lady in France?

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Halloo everyone! I’ll get to that title in a minute and explain what I mean. But first I thought I’d let you know that we’re still in Switzerland; and as such, I’m not going to be ready this week with

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Switzerland is Ridiculously Beautiful


We arrived at our chalet in Les Diablerets, Switzerland – near the town of Aigle, which is also the name of a company that makes good cold and wet weather gear. It took us about 8 hours to drive from

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Vlog #2 – How to Scold Your Kids in French


The French method of educating their children is all the rage – clearly a superior method of education. So I thought you’d appreciate learning how to scold your kids in French. At the very least it will stop them from

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The Viscount – Chapter Six

maisons laffitteb2

First time here? Why not start with Chapter One! THE VISCOUNT OF MAISON LAFFITTE CHAPTER SIX Paltier walked down the smooth stone steps that led to, what was the ground floor on one half of the property set on a

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Photos of Dinan


Dinan is an old, picturesque town in Brittany, and it’s pronounced Dee-non, with only a hint at that last n. Every year we go to Brittany for a 2-week extended family vacation, and every year we have a date in

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Peach Tart with Raspberry-Almond Cream


The word for peach in French is “pêche” and it’s pronounced pesh. The word for peach tree is “pêcher” and is pronounced pesh-ay. If we are to continue with this lesson, the word for sin is péché, pronounced pretty darn similarly

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Vlog #1 – The Basics of Bonjour

Our living room window with the growing vines and the pretty reflection.

Vlog is still being auto-corrected to blog, which means it’s not yet commonly used in everyday speech. But it basically means video-log, and apparently it’s all the rage. I must be nuts to do this, but I’m joining the herd,

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The Viscount – Chapter Five

maisons laffittee1

First time here? Start with Chapter One! THE VISCOUNT OF MAISON LAFFITTE CHAPTER FIVE Chastity checked her appearance in the mirror. Only the front of her hair was pulled up loosely, and the rest fell freely in the light-brown curls,

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