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Gluten-Free Peach Tarte Tatin

gluten-free peach tarte tatin

Today I’m celebrating happiness – that, and gluten-free peach tarte tatin. There’s no real reason I should be happy since it’s been pouring rain all day, but there you have it. Some days are just like that. Some days are just

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How to Run a Successful Bible Camp

how to successfully run a bible camp

I know there are tons of amazing Bible Camps out there and I’m glad. What a fun and nourishing experience for our kids, right? This “how-to” is not really coming from a voice of expertise, but only from what I observed

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How to Sort Legos


If you got here by google search, I may have lured you under false pretences because the full title of this post is actually, “How to sort legos (and lose your sanity in the process).” I have an indifference-hate relationship with

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That Time I Didn’t Buy the Farm

that time I didn't buy the farm

My son recently reminded us of that time he wanted to buy a farm (and I didn’t). I remembered blogging about it, and found it as a guest post on my friend’s site. I decided to repost it here so

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Things That Make Me Happy


There are some things that never fail to make me happy if only I can slow down long enough to enjoy them. This weekend I slowed down long enough. I love freshly-laundered sheets, drying in the sun. I love lavender. Did

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The Trickle-Down Effect of Decluttering

decluttering your kitchen

Yesterday I spent hours decluttering my kitchen. I don’t have the before photos to show you because I didn’t go into it with “blog post” in mind, but rather with a determination – born out of desperation – to make some headway in the

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How to Cut Brie

how to cut brie & other French cheese etiquette

The extended title reads: How to Cut Brie & Other French Cheese Etiquette. But of course that title was too long and didn’t fit. If you’ve been reading my blog for a veeery long time, you will recognise this post as one that

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Is There Free Will in Heaven

Is there free will in heaven?

This week’s question comes from Rachel, who blogs at Simply Rachel, asking if there is free will in heaven. (Rachel’s blog is so extraordinarily lovely, you have to go check it out! You won’t be able to resist staying for

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