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Resolve Conflict #WeighIn

resolve conflict

This past week I resolved conflict, and it definitely helped me to have a better mindset to take care of myself in other ways. So I thought I would talk a little about that, and a little about what else

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Out and About in Paris

Out and About in Paris

Well hello there! I have been out and about in Paris a LOT this week. Or, well, Paris only twice but I have been OUT a lot. Wanna see what I did? On Thursday I went to the airport to pick

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Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado

salmon salad featured1

This is a super simple, quick and easy, breezy peasy recipe for smoked salmon salad with avocado. Ready to dig in? Take some fresh lettuce. I was so keen on our garden lettuce until a slug slithered up the bowl

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When Does the Holy Spirit Enter You?

get the Holy Spirit

This week’s question is from Sarah in TN, and it’s about when the Holy Spirit enters you. “I’d love information on the Holy Spirit. Does it only enter unto people once they have accepted and been saved.”  Sarah, thank you for

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Weigh In Week 2

weigh in

So last week I started this modest little “small changes” campaign. A personal campaign to move towards better health in small increments since large changes are so overwhelming. I decided I was going to do ten minutes of floor exercises

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Converted Farmhouse Photo #HTRJack


This is the third post in my photo linkup series, in which you can participate through your blog or through Instagram. The hashtag #HTRJack stands for “Hit the Road, Jack” and it’s to motivate me (and you?) to leave the house more often. This week

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Depression, Shame and Guilt

depression, shame and guilt

It has been many years since I’ve felt any shame over my depression and the fact that I take medicine for it. As a memoirist and a blogger, I’m too accustomed to publicly sharing my weaknesses as I strive for authenticity.  As

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Where in the Bible Should I start?

sound doctrine1

Have you ever wondered where in the Bible you should start reading? That is the subject of today’s Q&A.      Tia, from TN, asks, “One of the questions I always get is where do I start in the bible…read

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