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Frozen Berry Meringue

frozen berry meringue10

This is an easy, gluten-free dessert! It contains only meringue, whipped cream, frozen red berries and a red berry sauce, called “coulis.” You can make it, or buy it on Amazon, and I suspect you can find it in your local supermarket

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The City of Troyes


Troyes is pronounced like the French number three (trois) – twah. It’s in the Champagne region and the only reason we went there was because it was so close to our hotel. It ended up being my favourite place that

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Kindness Wins. Always.

I was planning on writing this post on Thursday, and sharing the first post about our trip into the Champagne region today. But my external hard drive with all the pictures doesn’t work anymore. Sob. So today’s post is about

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This girl is eleven. When you’re eleven, you no longer want to be a princess (except in the secretest part of your heart). So instead of princesses, you have a pizza party theme. In the evening. And you play Pictionary! And

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Do and Do; Rule on Rule.


I am well. My house is an explosion of colour and toys from cousins visiting and birthday party paraphernalia, but I am well. Mostly. I was sort of hard-hit to learn that the actor who played Gilbert Blythe in the

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Attaining Perfection

Attaining Perfection - when we are just treasures in jars of clay. @aladyinfrance

I spend much of my days frozen with ineptitude, sitting amid the ashes and rubble, staring at the vortex of chaos that eats into the structured semblance of order and whips the pieces into more chaos. Does anyone else feel this way?

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School Art Festival

art festival09

I think it’s kind of cool that the spring festival for my kids’ school involves each class imitating – and learning about – a different artist. We’ve got Juliet’s class with Magritte “Ceci n’est pas une pomme” Juliet is holding her own

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Spring Is Here. I Promise.

Proud plum flowers

Here are some spring flower pictures for my Canadian friends, buried under mounds of snow.  It’s not long in coming, I promise you! Everyone is happy that spring is here. Seriously. Everyone.

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