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Forty-Five Is When I Love Myself


Today I turn forty-five, and I am beautiful. I put on my black dress pants with that forgiving 6% lycra blend, my black boots, and my green silk scarf. I spritz on perfume from an old (but still heavenly-scented) bottle of Clinique Happy, since

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I know, I know. You actually think I’m going to write something gloomy and depressing, don’t you? But no! I’m in the best of spirits, I assure you. I just liked the photo prompt from Alison at Writing, Wishing and

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The Viscount – Chapter Fifteen

maison laffitte30

THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER FIFTEEN The scene repeated itself. There stood the Mediterranean-looking man, who went by the name of Etienne, standing by the stone wall that overlooked the Seine. But this time it was a different wall,

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Mint Chocolate Pudding

mint mousse10

We have these little dessert pots of mint-chocolate mousse that are sold by La Laitérie here in France, and while this is a pudding and not a mousse (the white chocolate mousse recipes don’t have egg whites) I did imitate

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Hard Pressed, but not Crushed

We will never forget you, Hunter.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you know it’s been a challenging couple of weeks. It actually started in August with some divine discipline, and continued into September/October with acute depression – in part because this is the time

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The Viscount – Chapter Fourteen

maisons laffitte

THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER FOURTEEN The ambulance screeched to a halt in front of CHI Poissy hospital. The driver leapt down and opened the back door, while the attendant inside unsecured the gurney and pushed the end forward so

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Fondation Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton02

The Louis Vuitton Foundation opened on October 27. It’s located in the Bois de Boulogne next to the Jardin d’Acclimatation. I’ve told you a bit about this park before in this post, but it’s basically like a miniature (totally French)

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The Viscount – Chapter Thirteen

And here is where you actually enter - from the back.

THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER THIRTEEN  “Well Gaston, it’s been nice to be here,” Paltier said with a contented sigh as he lifted his feet and placed them on the stool, set comfortably in front of the fire. He sipped his

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