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Six Châteaux in the Loire: Loches


This week we are visiting six châteaux in the Loire Valley, of which – in total – there are dozens. I will be doing a series of posts in which I highlight each château that we visit, along with the

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Artichoke Heart Appetizer


In French it’s called “coeur d’artichaut” (cur dahr-tee-show) and it sounds much better than artichoke heart, doesn’t it? Better than “Arty choking someone’s heart?” This recipe, which I got from the Madame Le Figaro cookbook, is pretty, elegant, easy to

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Signs and Revelations

spring carnival17

My blog silence has not been entirely on purpose. We’ve had problems with the Internet connection for the past week – sometimes slow, sometimes not working. And then yesterday it stopped all together.  We are sort of at the mercy

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Identity Crisis

identity crisis1

I think I’m having an identity crisis. I think that’s what this is. When I was writing and publishing my memoir, I was in my sweet spot. I knew that I was doing exactly what I was meant to be

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On Being Good


I didn’t have Internet for much of yesterday, for no apparent reason, and I couldn’t help but think that maybe God was telling me to take a break. The load has lightened just the tiniest bit – imperceptibly. My husband

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The History of Chartres


Chartres is most known for it’s gothic cathedral that was built around the same time as the Notre Dame de Paris. The city is located in lower Normandy and evidence of that architecture is found everywhere. There are plenty of

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Pommes d’Amour (Candy Apples)

pommes d'amour12

The only reason I made pommes d’amour with my cherubs is because Juliet begged me to do the recipe from her cookbook. And as I had been neglecting my children lately, I owed them big-time. I also made them because

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So Let’s Talk About Baptism

life eight3

I realise my blog has been all over the place lately. First doldrums, then silence, then a strange Georgette Heyer voice (sorry – had to get that out of my system) and now a somewhat controversial Biblical topic. But this

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