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Great Expectations

great expectations4

Are you all in a flutter to learn who won the box of chocolates (or glazed chestnuts)? Take a look here at the faithful friends who have commented on my wedding blooper photos (and truly made me laugh with your

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Ten Wedding Bloopers

wedding bloopers9

In continuing the vein of light self-mockery (I have a lively sense of the ridiculous), I thought I would bring you a choice selection from my album of wedding bloopers. Yes, I have an entire album. I know you won’t

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The Winsome and The Winner


Look at Young Knight, dressed for his day at school, just like in the olden days. Journée à l’ancienne, it’s called. They wear their French caps, navy shorts, button down shirts, dark loafers and knee socks. Doesn’t he look winsome?

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Giveaways and Giving Back


I have a giveaway that I’m so excited about. It’s the first one ever I didn’t actually have to pay for! No I’m kidding. While that is true, I am excited for other reasons. I love to have giveaways so

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Picturesque Provence


So we returned from glorious colorful Provence and found a smelly house full of mouse droppings. That deflated my mood considerably. Today we’re trying to clean and scrub and erase any vestige of rodent (and not snap at our kids

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The Bragging Contest


Would you like to know what I’m good at? Languages. I always assume I’m going to understand someone who is speaking to me in a language I do not know, or that I’ll discern what is written in a language

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