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Letter to an Unknown Soldier


In my post about D-Day, I wrote, “In 1942 the President, along with his Joint Chiefs of Staff, coordinate strategy with the British. Winston Churchill foresees that the key to overcoming Germany is to enter France through the formidable Normandy beaches

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The Bible as a Literary Work


The Bible is surprisingly easy to make sense of. There’s no mystery to it, really. And since it’s one of the “100 Most Influential Books ever Written” (separated into two books, the first being the Hebrew and Aramaic Scriptures of the

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Tracie tagged me to write a post on the subject of hope, which has been threading its way through the Internet, and I found it such a cheerful, hopeful thing to write about, I was happy to add my two

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My husband and I have been watching Band of Brothers, and it’s been producing some unladylike feelings in me (if you’ll humor such a deplorably sexist comment): It makes me want to go fight a battle! I watch the men

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Art & History


Would you mind it if I told you a historical-religious story with a moral lesson? Because it relates to my post today, so there’s a point.  Plus it’s interesting. There was this great king called Hezekiah who restored glory and

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Huffington Post – on Orphans


Finally – I have something tangible to offer those bloggers who were unable to make it to the conference. I attended a session sponsored by Johnson & Johnson on the State of World Mothers, and there was a call for

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When we drove to Provence last week, we took the road sandwiched between the Alps on one side and the Massif Central on the other (the volcano region where we went last year in Auvergne). You’ll wonder why I’m doing

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A Sense of Security

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We knew that there was an element of danger involved in packing up our lives to spend a year in East Africa. We’d heard about the British ex-pat who got stabbed to death months before our arrival. She hadn’t been

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