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Our dear little hobbit home, from the tiny 55 square metre niche to our “sprawling abode” (and all the construction in between).

Organized Chaos


My heart is full of happiness today. There is a chicken roasting in the oven and zucchini and peppers frying on the stove. The late afternoon sun is streaming in. This morning we got to see everyone at church for

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What’s On My Shelves?


This trivial post was inspired by a rainy Sunday afternoon, a camera in hand, the need for a blog post, and a house full of people . . . which meant I had to clean. In the kitchen, there are

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If You Buy an Old House

old house16

I’m thinking of that book – If you give a mouse a cookie … what’s the next line? He’s going to ask for a glass of milk – or something like that. It’s sort of the same concept when you

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Hunter on a Snowy Field


There is only one reason to put up with snow. Kids. (And Kids-at-Heart). And dogs. Hunter is a hunting dog – an epagneul breton. As an adult he will need to run 3 hours a day. He will be disappointed.

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The Eeek! Factor


We’ve only gone trick-or-treating one year here in France, and it was with a list to all the gorgeous, grand houses held by participating English speakers in a nearby city. But in general Halloween is not done in France. Still,

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I Have a Stalker


Do you people see what I see? The vacuum cleaner doesn’t really fit under the radiator so I was going to give the usual cursory wipe, but thought I would be more thorough. And then I thought I saw something

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Picturesque Provence


So we returned from glorious colorful Provence and found a smelly house full of mouse droppings. That deflated my mood considerably. Today we’re trying to clean and scrub and erase any vestige of rodent (and not snap at our kids

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Follow Me?


Please excuse me for the blatant self-promotion, but Google Friend Connect is going to disappear in a week or two. That’s that little box down there with 56 friendly faces declaring they love me enough to follow me. (Thank you.

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