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Can’t resist tasting a little piece of France? These posts have some ideas for you. (And some websites if you want to pull out your card). There are also photos just so you can feast your eyes. And that’s free.



I anticipate Spring. I anticipate that this will become this. I anticipate seeing tiny buds on the plum tree, which will bring me sweet juicy green plums at the end of the summer. I anticipate the roses over the well

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La Maison du Chocolat Encore

Photo Source: unknown

It’s time again, don’t you think? For another Maison du Chocolat giveaway? I waited until after Valentine’s Day so I could get a discount. (Just kidding). Rules are the same: everyone just has to leave a comment in order to

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Paris Through the Eyes of …

Photo Source: Pearls & Prose

I am finally getting to launch an idea I’ve had since I’ve started this new blog, which is to include you, the readers, in a series of guest posts. Everyone remembers their first trip to Paris, don’t they? You can

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Winner of La Maison du Chocolat

Young Lady Helping

I was awfully excited to pick the winner for my giveaway (awfully excited for someone who is not well known enough to receive the giveaways for free). There was just an intimate enough number of entries to be able to

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The Elixir of Youth

Yves Rocher

The latest buzz in Paris is about the newly-discovered, age-old skin-care from Morocco: Oil of Argan. The testimonials read that even people with oily skin can use it and it helps acne. But for those of us with dry skin,

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Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)


Last night as Sir Renaissance was checking the radio to make sure the alarm was set, I yelled “stop!” because I heard this song (words below – make sure you read the words first before you listen). I think this was

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