Jardin d’Acclimatation

I got you all with that title, didn’t I? It’s a mouthful, and I know you’re all wondering what the heck it means. Well, it’s the zoological gardens located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a posh « suburb » between the Arc de Triomphe and La Defense.

View of Neuilly from the Gardens

So why would you care? Well, if you happen to be traveling to Paris with kids, this is the place to be.

First of all it’s convenient. You take the Metro Line 1 to Les Sablons and follow the signs – it’s a short walk from there.

Second of all it’s cheap. Entry fee is only 2,90€ per person, children under three enter for free. There are tons of things to do inside that don’t cost any additional money (or perhaps only very little)

(We met our very dear friends there who were visiting from London. I’ve talked about them before – Amina and Mohammed who had four (!) children in the space of our three. Seriously, her eldest was born a day after Young Lady, and her youngest two months before Petit Prince. She’s my hero).

and if you have a little hankering, the food is not that expensive.

Let’s see, you can get cooled down by water jets when you first walk in,

or go the full monty in the sprinkler area.

(no, that’s not what I meant!)

There are places to dig

and there are places to climb

(for the little ones who always have their tongues sticking out).

Hey – where’s that little butt head(ed)?

And there are places to climb for the big ones. Young Knight on his way up,

Young Lady at the summit.

There are pony rides for a mere 3.50€

(Ponies! Where? Which way?)

and what kid doesn’t love a good pony?

(Even if you’re just paying for the photo opp anyway).

There are turkeys and peacocks roaming free

and the more fearsome creatures kept sequestered.

Thank you plexiglass – nice plexiglass.

You can watch animals feed themselves

and then lend a hand to the more greedy.

There are a few projects, er …

somewhat less hands on.

Thank you plexiglass – nice plexiglass.

And should your money be burning a hole in your pocket,

there are always things to do for a tad extra.

She’s thinking “oh a camera (head toss) I hope my hair looks alright.”

He’s thinking, “ok this is a wheel. I wonder if I turn this, will the car actually leave the rails? Can I get it to do anything other than sit here?”

There is even something to do for those who just wanna sit this one out.

But that’s not for us, is it?

There’s just too much to do!


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12 comments on “Jardin d’Acclimatation
  1. Brittany says:

    So fun! I LOVE Paris.

  2. Leanne says:

    What fuN!!!!! I love these photos! And I love those tongues sticking out (I’m got a pair that always have their tongues out!!) What a great day . . . only wish I was there to explore with you! (Ah . . . one of these days!) hugs!

  3. joann mannix says:

    Why does everything in France seem more beautiful? Well…except for those saggy pants maintenance men. They’re the same everywhere it seems. That peacock is glorious.

    • ladyjennie says:

      Hey those are not maintenance men. Those are highly distinguished bee-keepers. (What’s the fancy word for that?) Oh, maybe they’re just maintenance men.

  4. That peacock is such an amazing shade of blue! And what a wonderful place to take kids.

  5. What a fun place to go on a weekend with the family!

  6. Abbey says:

    I don’t know if you remember where we lived, but we were right across the street from the Jardin. Oh, I miss it so much, and just the Bois de Bologne in general. It was a great place to live. Your posts make me crazy to visit again, if it weren’t for the fact that the airplane ride just went from 2 hours to 8 hours with our move. Maybe when the kids are bigger.

  7. liz says:

    As I scrolled down, I kept thinking, “What else can there be at this place?!?” You could spend a whole week there playing!

  8. ladyjennie says:

    Yes! We don’t always have to leave the kids at home for our visit to France.

  9. Although I loved all of your pictures (as usual) I am not ashamed to admit, I spent the MOST time pouring over that menu…

    It’s almost noon here.
    And I’m drooling. Officially.

    If only Paris were next door.

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