gluten-free peach tarte tatin

Gluten-Free Peach Tarte Tatin

Today I’m celebrating happiness – that, and gluten-free peach tarte tatin. There’s no real reason I should be happy since it’s been pouring rain all day, but there you have
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how to successfully run a bible camp

How to Run a Successful Bible Camp

I know there are tons of amazing Bible Camps out there and I’m glad. What a fun and nourishing experience for our kids, right? This “how-to” is not really coming from
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How to Sort Legos

If you got here by google search, I may have lured you under false pretences because the full title of this post is actually, “How to sort legos (and lose your
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that time I didn't buy the farm

That Time I Didn’t Buy the Farm

My son recently reminded us of that time he wanted to buy a farm (and I didn’t). I remembered blogging about it, and found it as a guest post on
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My Life Is A Rough Draft

my life is a rough draft

I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt this soul-sucking depression on our way back from Brittany. I thought maybe it was the fact that I needed some alone time after two weeks of collectivity, or maybe that I was
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What the French Eat, Part 2

what french eat 24

This is Part Two of What the French Eat, based on the dishes our extended family prepares and eats while vacationing in Brittany. For Part One (and lots of additional information, click here). FRIDAY LUNCH – Picnic on the beach. Hard-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes.
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How to Cook Mussels


Have you ever wondered how to cook mussels? Here is a mini tutorial, along with a tip. This is the tip: (whispers) it’s way easier than you think! Make sure you buy your mussels cleaned and de-bearded, if possible, but check
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What the French Eat

what french eat5

This is Part One of What the French Eat, based on the dishes our extended family prepares and eats while vacationing in Brittany. Breakfast is always slices of bread from the bakery with a generous slather of butter (salted or sweet), topped with
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Pictures from Brittany


Hey friends. We’ve been in Brittany for a week now, and will be staying for one more. Living in collectivity has its challenges, even for an extended family that gets along as well as ours does. I find myself wanting
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What We’re Doing


We are vacationing in Brittany right now, as we have gotten into the habit of doing for the past eight years.   The empty beach in #Brittany on #FourthofJuly. Why? Because it’s not August. It’s not July 14 (Bastille Day).
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Why did God create man knowing we would sin?

man sins

This week’s question comes from Melanie‘s son, who wants to know why God would create man knowing we would sin. Here’s what he asked: Question: “If God knew we’d screw up and have struggles in this world only to fight to
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Resolve Conflict #WeighIn

resolve conflict

This past week I resolved conflict, and it definitely helped me to have a better mindset to take care of myself in other ways. So I thought I would talk a little about that, and a little about what else
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