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Ten Random Things I’ve Learned

One It’s worth it to pay 15 euros extra for the semi-permanent nail polish. Two It’s hard to take a flattering shot of your hands when you’re over forty. Three You can, and
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Some flowers are just so flamboyant, aren't they?

Garden Considerations

I have two things to tell you. The first is that I did well on my French test in order to become a citizen. I needed 160 out of 490
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Shifting Focus

My husband bought a new lens. Our old lens is broken and we have another one that is not great quality. And, in addition to using the camera all the
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It’s been coming on pretty steadily, even from the beginning of the school year when the school days were shorter by a forty-five minutes. That’s forty-five less minutes to have quiet
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Watch This!


And here’s me blogging while wearing my new watch because I never blog unless I am nattily attired.

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Just to Say Hi!

to say hi4

It’s Monday! And I haven’t written on my blog for an entire week, which is unusual for me. So I thought I’d start by saying ‘hi!’ and catching you up on my news. WRITING: For the contest I entered, called
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Blogs, Books and Upcoming Events


Hello everyone! Well. I finished my novel (although I’m still editing it like crazy). I submitted it to a competition to be picked up by an agent, so I’m not posting any more chapters on the blog for now. If
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Quick Garlic-Seafood Appetizer

seafood appetizer11

This is a very quick shrimp and scallop recipe that uses reduced wine, butter, parmesan and sour cream. It makes your house smell like a five-star restaurant and it’s such a cinch to make. I have been meaning to share
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Paris-Brest Pastry, Gluten-Free


The Paris-Brest is a French pastry, created in 1910 (in Maisons Laffitte, by the way) by a pâtissier named Louis Durand. He was inspired by the cycling race from Paris to Brest, which was inaugurated in 1891. The pastry is
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The Viscount – Chapter Twenty-Two


THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO “Salut Tommy.” Marc reached down awkwardly and wiggled Thomas’ knee before straightening back up again. Thomas continued to stare down at the action figure he had in his hand without giving any indication
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Why I Still Pray


In the past few weeks, God has met a very specific financial need of ours in an unexpected and great way. He has allowed the three-year old daughter of a friend to overcome a life-threatening cancer … only to lose her life to
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Theatre, Circus, and Awards

theatre 2

A week ago Friday, my family went to the theatre. My daughter’s class had been chosen to be part of a performance of Noah’s Arc with a professional theatre company, and the families get discount tickets to three performances so the kids
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