Six Châteaux in the Loire: Loches

This week we are visiting six châteaux in the Loire Valley, of which – in total – there are dozens. I will be doing a series of posts in which
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Artichoke Heart Appetizer

In French it’s called “coeur d’artichaut” (cur dahr-tee-show) and it sounds much better than artichoke heart, doesn’t it? Better than “Arty choking someone’s heart?” This recipe, which I got from
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spring carnival17

Signs and Revelations

My blog silence has not been entirely on purpose. We’ve had problems with the Internet connection for the past week – sometimes slow, sometimes not working. And then yesterday it
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identity crisis1

Identity Crisis

I think I’m having an identity crisis. I think that’s what this is. When I was writing and publishing my memoir, I was in my sweet spot. I knew that
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In Which I Talk Like Georgette Heyer


My husband has been traveling a ton. Out of five weeks, he was gone three and a half, and then Friday I got this text: “Hi Love, Sorry but I need to work at the office late tonight to finish
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A Story In Which I Identify With Martha

Picture taken by my friend Emma - our culinary labor of love that allowed us to have high tea on the boat's upper deck.

I didn’t write on Friday because I was planning for the International Women’s Day that my church was hosting on a péniche (a long boat) located on the river Seine just across from the Louvre. I didn’t write yesterday because
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La Raclette


Le raclette is a cheese that comes from Switzerland, which is used in making the “dish” called la raclette. Yes, the Swiss differentiate between the cheese and the dish (le raclette versus la raclette) whereas the French don’t. The cheese
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Gluten-Free, Low Carb Onion Rings

onion rings15

Indians cook a lot with chickpea flour. It’s also called besan flour or gram flour (not to be confused with graham flour, which is a mixture of whole wheat and white – the flour used in graham crackers). It just
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The Purpose of Guilt


As far as I see it, feeling guilty serves one purpose, and that is to let you know when you are guilty. And you’re aware of your guilt, either through knowing God’s law, or simply because your conscience is condemning
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Family, Garden, Dog and a PSA

family news05

Spring is here and I bought two fruit trees in the supermarket. I did not stop to think what Matthieu might think or whether they would fit in my car or where I would put them. I just saw that
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An Intimate Look at Maisons Laffitte

See the roof there? There's a slight incline, and almost flat on top, with dormer windows. That's mansardée.

The city of Maison Laffitte, with its magnificent chateau, is very close to Paris. The area used to be called Maisons-sur-Seine – the Houses on the Seine – until the chateau (built in the 1600′s) was bought after the French
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Low Carb Mocha-Espresso Macarons

low carb macarons19

We had family in town last week, and I felt it my duty to bring to the table all the cream, chocolate and foie gras France has to offer. This week (by way of necessity) I decided to cut down
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