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And here's me blogging while wearing my new watch because I never blog unless I am nattily attired.
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Just to Say Hi!

It’s Monday! And I haven’t written on my blog for an entire week, which is unusual for me. So I thought I’d start by saying ‘hi!’ and catching you up
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Blogs, Books and Upcoming Events

Hello everyone! Well. I finished my novel (although I’m still editing it like crazy). I submitted it to a competition to be picked up by an agent, so I’m not
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Quick Garlic-Seafood Appetizer

This is a very quick shrimp and scallop recipe that uses reduced wine, butter, parmesan and sour cream. It makes your house smell like a five-star restaurant and it’s such
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The Viscount – Chapter Twenty-One

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THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE “She’s here,” Chastity said, jumping up from the couch and running over to the Intercom. “This should be fun,” her mother said, patting Tommy’s back gently. She was still wary of any movement
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Life, Love and Sarcasm in Paris


That’s Paris is out! And I’m in it! See that? Oh là là  is right! This book is the brainchild of Velvet Morning Press, and all proceeds will go to charity! Woot! Woot! (I love that part).  The details about the charity
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Household Stuff

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I’m sort of out of commission this week. Remember that walking pneumonia or bronchitis thing I had a couple of months ago – right along with the UTI, burglary, rat in the toilet, and having to give up our dog?
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How to Keep a Spiritual Fervour


I try to keep a spiritual fervour – I do. My husband and I fast, and I’m filled with joy. I prepare meals for guests, I stay up late to study the Bible with someone, I get up early to
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The Viscount – Chapter Twenty


THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER TWENTY Jerôme showed up at the café fifteen minutes late. He stood at the entrance, looking around, his eyes blinking to adjust to the poor lighting. Jean sat to the right of the small
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Chicken Confit With Orange-Saffron Glaze


I modified this simple recipe from a French cookbook – Cusine d’Hiver (Winter Cooking) by Tomawak. I don’t think it’s traditionally French, given the fact that they include saffron, but it did look good. Using a skillet, you’ll need to brown 6
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Paris Author Luncheon


On Saturday, I met up with a group of authors to have lunch in Paris. We went to the Café Delmas in the 5th arrondissement (2 place de Contrescarpe). The 5th arrondissement (near the Sorbonne) is so charming and quiet, and the
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As we drove into Paris for church yesterday, we passed the long rippling flags indicating Montrouge where there was a killing three days ago. We passed cavalcades of policemen mobilising for the manifestation that would take place in Paris later
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