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Why do you read A Lady in France?

Halloo everyone! I’ll get to that title in a minute and explain what I mean. But first I thought I’d let you know that we’re still in Switzerland; and as
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Switzerland is Ridiculously Beautiful

We arrived at our chalet in Les Diablerets, Switzerland – near the town of Aigle, which is also the name of a company that makes good cold and wet weather
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Vlog #2 – How to Scold Your Kids in French

The French method of educating their children is all the rage – clearly a superior method of education. So I thought you’d appreciate learning how to scold your kids in
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The Viscount – Chapter Six

First time here? Why not start with Chapter One! THE VISCOUNT OF MAISON LAFFITTE CHAPTER SIX Paltier walked down the smooth stone steps that led to, what was the ground
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Six Dishes to Discover the Soul of Paris

Marta - Paris

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve got a guest post up from Marta Lopez, a travel writer based in London. You’ll love the insider tips she has to share. (And since I don’t get out much, someone’s got to tell you about these
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Love Trumps Doctrine

When did this rosemary bush get so big??? Is trimming this now part of my life-affirming duties? I mean - activities?

The first half of this post is a brain dump. The second half (after the picture of the rosemary bush) is the point at hand – a faith post. Feel free to read either - or - or both. I woke up
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Eight Takeaways from BlogHer ’14

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I told myself that this would be my last BlogHer. It’s difficult to justify the expense when I am not speaking or serving in any kind of official capacity - even if I’m sharing a hotel room and using my husband’s frequent flyer
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The Viscount – Chapter Four

maison laffitte25

Hi folks! It’s our last day in Brittany, and then we head back home in a whirlwind two days before I leave again (on my own) to visit my sister and go to BlogHer. So I’m not online much these
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In Brittany


Happy Bastille Day everyone! We’re going to the beach to see the fireworks tonight, although it’s going to be late. It stays light until nearly 11:00. I’ve written about Bretagne before, but usually call it that rather than Brittany. But
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The Viscount – Chapter Three

This one is a little nicer - closer up, and a view from the side.

Hi folks! I’m on vacation and don’t have much Internet over here. But I managed to pull off Chapter 3. If you’re new to the story, you can start here: On Chapter One. THE VISCOUNT OF MAISON LAFFITTE CHAPTER THREE
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The Viscount of Maison Laffitte – Ch 2

And here is where you actually enter - from the back.

THE VISCOUNT OF MAISON LAFFITTE CHAPTER TWO (chapter one is here) The morning sun streamed through the tall windows of the Chateau of Maison Laffitte, and the small square window panes made a checkered pattern of sunlight on the wooden
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For the Lovers of Ballet


I love ballet. It’s so graceful. And I love that my daughter is way more graceful than I could ever be, even if it’s not her dream to be a professional dancer. They put on this year’s dance performance, which
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