Jesus. Rock Star.

The church I went to in New York was very large, so I suppose that it was inevitable that someone famous would eventually show up. In this case, the famous
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brussel sprouts02

Brussel Sprouts in Orange-Cream Sauce

Brussel sprouts, poor little dears. They get such a bad rap. Even I thought I’d have to stick this recipe with a little post I’m concocting called, “Kitchen Disasters” (along
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maisons laffitte

The Viscount – Chapter Twelve

First time here? Start at Chapter One! THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER TWELVE  Paltier absently rubbed a dusty bottle of champagne in the wine cellar. It was only six
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A Mountain Meeting with God

I went on a church retreat in Normandy this weekend and it was good. It dredged up … feelings. In response to these feelings, a friend of mine recommended a book
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Chapter Ten and Family Photos

kids and dog06

Okay, so this is only part of a chapter – and a filler one at that. I know what I want to happen next, but that scene requires its own chapter and can’t be shoved into this one. Because I didn’t
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Why Christians Shouldn’t Swear


I know, I know. Such a judgy title, right? But let me give you a little background first so you don’t think I’m trying to be holier-than-thou. (Because, of course, I’m not holier-than-thou and could only try to be if
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When My Friend Dumped Me


Ooooh … friendship loss. I could tell you about my friend from college, who got all the boys I liked, binge-ate along with me (except that she threw it up and was skinny), and who “broke up with me” by saying
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The Viscount – Chapter Nine

maison laffitte23

If you’re new here, you can start at Chapter One. And then each post will lead you to the next chapter at the end. THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER NINE  The Viscount was seated in the comfortable library in the Town
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Nourishing My Husband


Every year we have a church service in the forest of Fontainebleau followed by a picnic. It’s a chance to spent the day together in nature. Juliet: Mom. I have nature stains on my hands. Me: Nature stains … you
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Moms, Kids & Laduree


I haven’t shared this with you yet because we left for Switzerland the following day, but I had the privilege of meeting one of my favourite bloggers on the Internet – Ameena from Fancy That, Fancy This. Only this time,
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Vlog #3 Dining in France

café de la jatte04

This vlog was a labor of frustration. I recorded it earlier today, and then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out how to fix a video where the audio and video are not synced. I never did
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The Viscount – Chapter Eight

maisons laffitted2

If this is your first time here, why not start with Chapter One? THE VISCOUNT OF MAISONS LAFFITTE CHAPTER EIGHT Camille was sitting in the kitchen, eating the steak and French fries that the cook had set out for him.
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