man sins

Why did God create man knowing we would sin?

This week’s question comes from Melanie‘s son, who wants to know why God would create man knowing we would sin. Here’s what he asked: Question: “If God knew we’d screw up
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resolve conflict

Resolve Conflict #WeighIn

This past week I resolved conflict, and it definitely helped me to have a better mindset to take care of myself in other ways. So I thought I would talk
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Out and About in Paris

Out and About in Paris

Well hello there! I have been out and about in Paris a LOT this week. Or, well, Paris only twice but I have been OUT a lot. Wanna see what I
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salmon salad featured1

Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado

This is a super simple, quick and easy, breezy peasy recipe for smoked salmon salad with avocado. Ready to dig in? Take some fresh lettuce. I was so keen on
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Where in the Bible Should I start?

sound doctrine1

Have you ever wondered where in the Bible you should start reading? That is the subject of today’s Q&A.      Tia, from TN, asks, “One of the questions I always get is where do I start in the bible…read
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Weigh In

weigh in

I have a confession to make. I am A. Hot. Mess. Have you ever heard that expression? I hadn’t until I started blogging, but the image it invokes is something I can identify with. I picture a frazzled, sweaty (it’s summer time), overweight,
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#HTRJack Instagram-Blog Linkup


This is the second post in my Instagram and/or Blog photo linkup series. The hashtag #HTRJack stands for “Hit the Road, Jack” and it’s to motivate me to leave the house more often. Honestly, I’m the worst kind of homebody and I
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Ask Me a Question About the Bible

sound doctrine1

Now that I’ve officially announced everywhere that I won’t be continuing to teach next year so that I can consecrate myself fully to writing (and to my kids, who are growing up), I have all sorts of blogging and book
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Instagram Photo Linkup


I have decided to start a new weekly photo linkup called, “Hit the Road, Jack” to motivate me to leave the house. Each week I will go somewhere – anywhere – (I mean, I do live right near Paris, after
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5-Layer Bean Dip

bean dip15

This 5-layer bean dip is not French by a long shot, and is therefore not a recipe I thought to share with you. Also, I thought everyone knew how to make it so what’s the point of doing the recipe?
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Author News, Blogging News


I have made some author and blogging decisions lately that almost warrant being called news. And since we’re friends, you and I, it’s time to fill you in. (Plus, I can’t seem to get my act together and write my family, so
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God is Kind

God is Kind

God is kind to the Israelites as he frees them from slavery, sparing their first-born sons, and parting a massive body of water so they could go through – young, old, men, women and children. Not one is lost. (Exodus
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