Things That Make Me Happy

There are some things that never fail to make me happy if only I can slow down long enough to enjoy them. This weekend I slowed down long enough. I love
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decluttering your kitchen

The Trickle-Down Effect of Decluttering

Yesterday I spent hours decluttering my kitchen. I don’t have the before photos to show you because I didn’t go into it with “blog post” in mind, but rather with
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how to cut brie & other French cheese etiquette

How to Cut Brie

The extended title reads: How to Cut Brie & Other French Cheese Etiquette. But of course that title was too long and didn’t fit. If you’ve been reading my blog for a
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Is there free will in heaven?

Is There Free Will in Heaven

This week’s question comes from Rachel, who blogs at Simply Rachel, asking if there is free will in heaven. (Rachel’s blog is so extraordinarily lovely, you have to go check
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Pictures from Brittany


Hey friends. We’ve been in Brittany for a week now, and will be staying for one more. Living in collectivity has its challenges, even for an extended family that gets along as well as ours does. I find myself wanting
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What We’re Doing


We are vacationing in Brittany right now, as we have gotten into the habit of doing for the past eight years.   The empty beach in #Brittany on #FourthofJuly. Why? Because it’s not August. It’s not July 14 (Bastille Day).
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Why did God create man knowing we would sin?

man sins

This week’s question comes from Melanie‘s son, who wants to know why God would create man knowing we would sin. Here’s what he asked: Question: “If God knew we’d screw up and have struggles in this world only to fight to
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Resolve Conflict #WeighIn

resolve conflict

This past week I resolved conflict, and it definitely helped me to have a better mindset to take care of myself in other ways. So I thought I would talk a little about that, and a little about what else
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Out and About in Paris

Out and About in Paris

Well hello there! I have been out and about in Paris a LOT this week. Or, well, Paris only twice but I have been OUT a lot. Wanna see what I did? On Thursday I went to the airport to pick
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Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado

salmon salad featured1

This is a super simple, quick and easy, breezy peasy recipe for smoked salmon salad with avocado. Ready to dig in? Take some fresh lettuce. I was so keen on our garden lettuce until a slug slithered up the bowl
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When Does the Holy Spirit Enter You?

get the Holy Spirit

This week’s question is from Sarah in TN, and it’s about when the Holy Spirit enters you. “I’d love information on the Holy Spirit. Does it only enter unto people once they have accepted and been saved.”  Sarah, thank you for
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Weigh In Week 2

weigh in

So last week I started this modest little “small changes” campaign. A personal campaign to move towards better health in small increments since large changes are so overwhelming. I decided I was going to do ten minutes of floor exercises
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