Switzerland is Ridiculously Beautiful

We arrived at our chalet in Les Diablerets, Switzerland – near the town of Aigle, which is also the name of a company that makes good cold and wet weather gear. It took us about 8 hours to drive from Paris, including stops (but not lunch, which we ate in the car). We drove by such breathtaking sites as Mont Blanc set against Lake Lémans – the sun gleaming on the water, but the mountain shrouded in mist.

This was the welcome present that greeted us when we entered the chalet – Villars chocolate – and wine (which we gave to friends since we don’t drink).

suisse01And this was the welcome present we got from our window.




A double rainbow.

suisse06We go to sleep under the mountains.

suisse07We wake up under the mountains.

suisse09We play under the mountains.

suisse12We ride up into the mountains.


suisse18I pretend I’m not afraid and I sing. :-)


We ride to the top.

suisse16And then we eat a picnic lunch there.

suisse17At night we fall asleep to the sound of bells.

suisse02Our balcony has a bell … and ALL the cows wear bells.


(And there are many cows – all over the mountains).

We breathe fresh, cool air. And we drink icy sweet water.

swiss3We drop Juliet off for pre-teen camp at a place nearby.

suisse11It’s a yearly camp with the sisters churches in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Lyon, Amsterdam, Milan, Martinique and Guadeloupe, and there’s another camp for the teens.

It’s FUN! They learn about God and they make friends with people from different places, different cultures, different languages.

suisse10They have a big soccer field with a view on the mountains, and there is even a huge teepee where they can gather around a bonfire even when it rains!

swiss2I can’t believe the sights that greet my eyes here – everywhere I turn.

swiss1La Suisse is ridiculously beautiful.


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13 comments on “Switzerland is Ridiculously Beautiful
  1. Yes, Switzerland is awesome – one of my favourites in Europe for sure! Great pictures and great experiences, my friend!
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted…Coming OutMy Profile

  2. tracy says:

    No bluer sky anywhere. Ever. Stunning!
    tracy recently posted…WIN Tickets To The Minnesota State Fair #GoPhoneMy Profile

  3. Tamara says:

    That is ridiculous.
    It came straight from a storybook – complete with rainbows and blue skies.
    I know you don’t drink.. I don’t either.. but did you eat the chocolate?
    I need to know details because this is my new dream.
    Tamara recently posted…Taking It Easy With Old School Blogging.My Profile

  4. Alison says:

    Okay, next vacation stop – SWITZERLAND!!
    Alison recently posted…Exactly Where I Need To BeMy Profile

  5. A Taste of HEAVEN)))
    This is how I imagine it looks, Jennie. xxx
    My Inner Chick recently posted…Behind the Mask 0f DepressionMy Profile

  6. Winter says:

    I just found your blog and I am swooped off my feet.

    Your blog is simply tres jolie.



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