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Wanna see the subject of today’s post?


Looks like hard work Jen!

Wow! You must be, like, this genius chef!

And then my husband tried it and said …

Um … well it’s edible, I guess.”

Apparently the filling was too salty and thick, and I used the wrong gluten free flour so the crust was too greasy and sweet.  And now my husband has embittered me so that I’m sour on the whole thing.

This morning I was supposed to sit home and rest my foot (which is bruised for some reason and it hurts me to walk).

I was also going to spend hours and hours on my blog going through my recipes to put them in printable form.  Then I would catch up on blog reading and start figuring out how to watermark my photos. (Somehow I also thought I could pull a recipe post off on the same day).

But just as I was about to hop in the shower, my husband called and said the trains were backed up and he was going to be late to his meeting. So I ran to pick him up and drive him into La Defense.

After killing time and getting all the groceries for the leek and chevre tarte of today’s post (and a shirt for me at the Gap), we drove home where I put about half the groceries away. It was hard to move around because the kitchen was messy, and my foot hurt, and I had limited time before rushing off to my nutritionist meeting. She had called while I was at the store to say she had a spot today if I was up for coming in.

So instead of resting as planned, I got back in the car and drove to a nearby town where I looked for a place to park my behemoth (very large 7 seater car). I tried one spot, but it didn’t fit comfortably and there were people behind me. So I pulled further up to a bigger spot and made the people behind me wait again.

I was stressed to have angry Parisian drivers behind me, and it was one of those cobblestone streets with cement blocks on one side to mark the side of the road (since there is no pavement or painted marks). I backed up in a hurry to let the people pass … and backed right into the square, sharp-angled cinder block, puncturing our bumper in the process.

I was so distraught at what my husband was going to say this time when only last week I drove into the school gate with our other car because I was changing gears while turning on a hill, smashing the front bumper and right blinker. So I stumbled out of the car to have a look at the damage … and promptly walked into another iron road marker. Situated about shin-high.

I cannot describe the pain except to say that it was not short-lived.

Both the dented bumper and dented knee occurred, of course, in front of a booming sidewalk café where people had nothing better to do than smoke, drink and stare at me. I cried and laughed pathetically to myself as I limped, doubled over, past them to the borne to get a parking ticket. Then I limped and cried and laughed pathetically to myself back to the car to stick the ticket in the window before limping back-trackedly the other way to the nutritionist’s office, biting my lip to keep rogue emotions from exploding before wine-sipping French sophisticates.

(Yes I know back-trackedly is not a word).

So now I’m home.  I’m sitting here eating cookies for dinner (which is not what the nutritionist ordered) instead of my edible tarte (which is not what the nutritionist ordered either … in fact, after one taste I’m quite sure she would forbid it and tell me to eat the cookies instead).  And I’m too exhausted to clean the kitchen which was demolished in a G5 geomagnetic cooking storm.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  

I’m hoping for something bland.


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I am the daughter of a symphony musician who was raised in upstate New York, and I simply breathe all things classical, be it music or 19th century literature (English and Russian). I married Sir Renaissance in New York City, and before I knew it, he had swept me up and brought me back home to his own country. So here we are. Three children, a rather ordinary life in a rather exceptional place. I am now ‘A Lady in France.’

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39 comments on “Today’s Post
  1. Maggie S. says:

    Sheesh. You need a break. Perhaps you could elevate your foot at a cafe, and sip wine while watching others. It might make you feel better.

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh my… you most definitely need/deserve a break!

    I think a day on the couch watching a good movie is what you need!

  3. You need to put your feet up and eat ice-cream with cookies for dinner.

    Hope your foot and shin feel better soon!

  4. Tracie says:

    I think this is clear evidence that blogging is good for your health, and you need to engage in more of it!

    Sorry about the bruised shin. Ouch! And the bumper (I’ve had my share of car mis-adventures, so I really do sympathize). Not a fun day at all.

    I hope the cookies were good!

  5. The best laid plans…You deserve an afternoon with your feet up. I hope you get it soon.

  6. Leanne says:

    Oh, dear friend!! What a day! I felt like I was there with you . . . and I wouldn’t have laughed. Well, I might have chuckled. But only after making sure you were ok. So sorry it was one of ‘those’ days! Here’s hoping the sun is brighter tomorrow! Hugs!

  7. Andi says:

    Oh dear, I hope it is bland too…sometimes that is a good thing!

    • ladyjennie says:

      I know right? A little less “zest” in my life if you please.

      I’m off to check all the links in your post after I’m done replying to comments here.

  8. I hereby declare that back-trackedly should most certainly be a word.

    It has plenty of indications.

    For example, when the pain in your smashed shin (not to mention your punctured bumper) is not short lived.

    Feel better. Soon.

    And remember that some days require more cookies and fewer regrets.

  9. amanda d says:

    What a day! Hope your knee is feeling better – a tarte may help :) (and the recipe pictured above may have been salty or thick, but it looks delicious!)

  10. Oh no! I hope tomorrow is better! I was going to say “Good thing you have your driver’s license!”, until I read you had an accident. Cookies and putting your foot up hopefully will help! Your tart looked beautiful!

  11. Claudia says:

    OMG – I hope the hoof is better. Today maybe best to tuck into a good book and lay low….XOXO

  12. ladyjennie says:

    I know. And when you add cleaning up after the mess left behind by 3 small kids, that REALLY eats through those hours.

    Hey – you haven’t posted much lately. Is it because you’re working on your writing?

  13. Shell says:

    Well, it looks delicious. Even if it doesn’t taste that way!

    I’d like an excuse to eat cookies for dinner!

  14. It seems like a day that bad would somehow involve kids. Hitting right in your shin is the worst pain. I hope there is a long day on the couch with your blog and yummy snacks in your future.

  15. That’s so sad!

    At least the photos turned out fabulous!

  16. Carole says:

    Wow, your writing is so descriptive, even my shin hurts a little. What an awful day! Sorry to hear it.

    Surely you can stream Netflix movies on your computer?? They have a lot of good French films.

    • ladyjennie says:

      I’ve been reading about streaming netflix, but something about watching things on a computer doesn’t seem as appealing to me as watching them on tv. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we get a good solution.

  17. Ado says:

    Okay, wow, and I thought I had a bad day! You take le cake Jen! Poor you! And all those cafe-goers watching you, their amusement! Ouch, that hurts even more! But…who drives a 7-seater car, in Europe? (-:
    That quiche looked fantastique, to me. Absolutely a work of art – if I made something like that who cares what it tastes like?? Thank God you got a photo of it!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    That does NOT sound like a fun time :( I hope your foot feels better soon.

  19. Stacia says:

    I mowed down a bush and nearly took out the neighbor’s fence trying to back our behemoth out of our tiny Romanian driveway. I feel your pain … Eat those cookies, girl!

  20. ayala says:

    Oh my! :( such a day…sorry…I hope that you only have good days from now on :)

  21. Ameena says:

    So I’m just really impressed that you can drive in Paris…I realize that seems trivial but honestly, driving in a foreign country totally intimidates me. I’m sure I would do far worse damage to a car than what you did.

    Sorry about your foot! And the crust! And your husband’s very odd comment! I feel for you my friend and hope your weekend has been better!

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