We Are Good Parents

I’m being tongue in cheek, of course. I always feel guilty that we don’t spend enough quality time with our kids and here we managed to do it two days in a row!! We should get an award.

We went to a farm in the inner city

ran into some friends there

petted the goats

cautiously observed the kid

cautiously pet the kid

Look at me – I’m da man!!

We looked at the donkeys

oh phsh .. they’re just .. they’re just …

Oh look! Cows!

Then we did a zillion of these

to get this.

Does anyone (apart from my Dad and his wife who had it on the fridge) know the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip where they tried to get him to take a picture for the Christmas cards?

A near lesson in futility, although we eventually got some good ones.

So then we did what we came for – we carved pumpkins.

Or the kids did all the messy work by removing the seeds and the farm organizers wielded the knife.

We were at the Ferme de Gally, if anyone wishes to know.  It’s in Sartrouville and in Versailles.

That night we invited our Jack O Lanterns to a candlelit dinner

of chicken cacciatore.

We invited the kids as well, cuz we feed them too.

That’s just the kind of parents we are.


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I am the daughter of a symphony musician who was raised in upstate New York, and I simply breathe all things classical, be it music or 19th century literature (English and Russian). I married Sir Renaissance in New York City, and before I knew it, he had swept me up and brought me back home to his own country. So here we are. Three children, a rather ordinary life in a rather exceptional place. I am now ‘A Lady in France.’

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24 comments on “We Are Good Parents
  1. Stephanie says:

    Feeding the kids dinner is an excellent first step to being good parents :)

  2. What a fun adventure. And um, the donkeys, um… yeah. :) Totally made me smile. LOL

  3. What a peppy funny post! Ah, you made me giggle today- thank you :)

    We are off to trick or treat here, carve a pumpkin and have some dinner although it will be nothing like chicken cac. tonight. Too bad I couldn’t have come over to your house instead 😉

  4. I think you made out quite well with the Christmas card photos. (If I were you, though, I wouldn’t include the one of the donkeys. It might not go over well in some households.) :)

  5. really? you invited the kids, too? after having been with them all day? humph. : )
    what a great day! I’m going with a big thumbs-up on you two being great parents–and I know that Calvin & Hobbes cartoon…funny, funny, funny.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Les photos est tres magnifique! (I’m a bit rusty! 😉 ) I’m glad you had a fun day!!

  7. ayala says:

    A fun and wonderful post. Happy Halloween!

  8. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Especially the donkeys, haha.

  9. Galit Breen says:

    Love all of the family fun and so glad that you invited the kids to dinner, too! :)

  10. mep says:

    Forget “good” parents — you are GREAT parents. Carving pumpkins with the kids and feeding them in one day?!

    Looks like a lovely day, and I think you’ve got some holiday card keepers!

  11. Bibi says:

    All the pictures look wonderful. Sounds like a great day out and the dinner for the kids was a great way to finish it on a good parents note,lol.

    Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS Day and for leaving a sweet comment.

  12. Alexandra says:

    You are such GOOD parents: outings and meals. Medals, all around.

    ALSO: my poor kids have seen donkeys do it, too.

    That thing looked 7 feet long!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Quality time indeed…especially the lesson afforded by the donkeys.

    Our two female dogs seem to enjoy that behavior as well.

    All the time. It’s a sex-ed class around here.

    Loves comes in many forms.
    So to speak.

  14. Andi says:

    Your kids are adorable! I love that there is a sort of pumpkin patch!

  15. Jackie says:

    Looks like you had a great time! And those donkey’s…. how in the world did you explain that one?

  16. Sometimes if my family is all in a group and ready to eat and the kids are all playing, we just eat without them and enjoy a nice dinner. Eventually they come and are good and hungry.

    I think all those pics of your kids are Christmas card worthy.

  17. Ado says:

    Oh that thing about the donkeys was so funny, I laughed out loud.
    PS: What a pretty dinner table setting.

  18. MommaKiss says:

    So wait a minute, you gotta spend time with them AND feed them too? Good thing they’re cute.

  19. Carole says:

    Your kids are so photogenic!

    Love your humor. :)

  20. Love these pics! I hardly even try to take group pictures anymore for the frustration it causes. I’m impressed how many good ones you got!

  21. That looks like such a fun time and educational. :) The pictures all all three of them turned out so cute!

  22. What is going on with those donkeys? Explain.

  23. What??

    You took them out for a good time AND fed them.

    STOP IT. You’re making me look bad and I just won’t have that.

  24. Ameena says:

    2 days in a row? You are a superstar Jennie. Really. After spending the entire day with Maya yesterday I’m sort of dreading today and wishing it was Monday. How terrible of me, right?

    Your kids are gorgeous! All of them.

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